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The Field Club of Omaha Swim Team has been one of the most successful swim teams in the Omaha area. The team has won the Championship Final Meet of the division in which the club has participated in the Greater Omaha Swim League a record of 20 summers dating back to 1989. The team carries a membership of over 200 swimmers each summer. All of the Field Club youth are encouraged to join the team. The is no additional cost to join swim team.

The 2017 Field Club of Omaha Swim Team will start practices on Tuesday, May 29th. The team is open to all club members and all Field Club youth are encouraged to join the team. The only requirements to qualify for Swim Team is the swimmer must be able to swim across the width of the pool without assistance and without touching the bottom of the pool. Interested swimmers can sign up for Swim Team below.

2018 Pool Staff
Jessica Hessel, Pool Manager/Swim Coach


Practice starts on Tuesday, May 29th
11 and over Team Members: Monday -Friday 9:00AM-10:15AM
10 and under Team Members: Monday -Friday 10:15AM-11:00AM
Dive Team meets Monday - Friday 11am to 12:30pm

Wednesday, July 25th - Field Club Jr. Awards & Swim Banquet

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  • 2018 Swim Meet Schedule
    • For Swim meets, pool closes at 2pm. Diving warmups start at 2, Meet at 3pm. Swim Team Warmups at 5pm. Meet starts at 6pm.
      June tbd—Shadow @ Champions
      Players@ Happy Hollow
      FCO @ Oak Hills

      June tbd– Champions @Oak Hills
      Shadow Ridge @ Players
      Happy @ FCO

      June tbd– Happy @ Champions
      Oak Hills @ Shadow
      Players @ FCO

      June tbd– Oak Hills @ Happy
      Players @ Champions
      Shadow @ FCO

      July tbd– Champions @ FCO
      Players @ Oak Hills
      Shadow @ Happy

      July tbd—Prelims @
      TBD Shadow or Happy

      July tbd—Finals @
      TBD Happy or Champions

  • 2018 Dive Meet Schedule
    • June tbd
      Shadow @ Champions
      FCO @ Happy

      June tbd
      Shadow Ridge @ Champions
      Happy @ FCO

      June tbd
      Happy @ Champions
      FCO @ Shadow

      June tbd
      Shadow @ FCO
      Champions @ Happy

      July tbd
      Champions @ FCO
      Happy @ Shadow

      July tbd—Diving Finals @
      Shadow Ridge

2018 Swim Team Online Sign-Up Below

In the event of a medical emergency and if unable to contact the designated physician or me, I hereby authorize Field Club of Omaha Swim Coach in attendance to provide medical assistance, treatment, and/or transportation to the nearby medical facility for my child.

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