Master Plan

For the past 115 years, the Field Club of Omaha has served the membership and its families. As a Club, we want to ensure we carry on this rich tradition well into the future by capitalizing on this moment to review all that has made this Club unique while also adapting to changing trends in the market and private club industry. In doing so, we look forward to continuing to possess an inviting and viable Club for generations to come.

We’re taking great care to research, talk with experts and ask for feedback from our Members.  The process is fluid and the summary below reflects the work of both golf and social members, and FCO staff. In all cases, the current design concepts that have been created during this process and will be shared with the membership are preliminary in nature and are intended to evolve throughout the process.

Member Survey
More than 423 members responded to our survey.
The committees received critical feedback regarding golf, aquatics (pool), clubhouse, and desired amenities and programming. We are using the results to guide recommendations that will be submitted to the Board of Directors. Members can review the independently compiled survey report by clicking HERE.

Golf, Aquatics, and Fitness Subcommittees
Each committee’s goal is to finalize design and cost estimates for review by the Board.

Due to the overall scope of the master plan, we created sub-committees including golf and social members. The committees considered input from the survey, professional consultants, contractors and industry trends to guide their preliminary designs and estimates.  

Creation of Master Plan Committee (MPC)
In January, we created a new MPC to drive the master planning process forward.
The MPC includes golf and social members, and will focus on the following objectives:

1. Review each area of the master-plan and prioritize a phased approach for improvements.
The committee recognizes that the proposed improvements to the Club will need to be completed in phases due to financial and logistical constraints. We also believe it is very important to operate as a family-friendly and affordable club.

2. Consider the implications for the Club with Woolworth Avenue open and closed.    
Regardless of what happens with Woolworth, we realize that we must invest in Club improvements for long-term viability.  

3. Once phasing and prioritization is complete, propose a financing strategy that will include a blend of bank and member financing.
Our banking partners have indicated that that member support via partial assessment for each phase is essential to financing approval.

4. Present recommendations to the Board of Directors for endorsement and presentation to the membership for vote and approval.
The MPC held its first meeting in January and anticipates that it will present recommendations to the Board of Directors in the near term. If endorsed, a potential meeting with the membership to present a first phase for review and vote could occur late summer, 2019.

Woolworth Closure
The MPC has agreed that closing Woolworth would have a very positive impact on the Club’s prospects in all areas.
We are in the process of building support for the road closure among the membership, neighborhood associations, political representatives, public officials, and other constituents. Over the past few months, the Club has hosted meetings with neighborhood stakeholder groups to gain feedback on a potential road closure and to gauge preliminary support and understand objections.  

Center Street Trail
To address neighbor concerns over pedestrian access with Woolworth closed, we created a plan for a new trail along Center Street, connecting the Field Club Trail and 36th Street.
This may be considered a trade-off to encourage neighborhood support for closing Woolworth. If Woolworth is not closed, this new trail would not be built. You may review the plan by clicking HERE.  

As we progress through this process we will continue to update this page with the latest information available. The goal of our master plan is to develop a long-range template for the Club to assist current and future boards for prioritization and budgeting of needed amenities/improvements. In the end, our vision is to create a better Club experience and remain competitive in the market.   What an amazing time to be a member at FCO as the future is incredibly bright. We are centered in a thriving Mid-town with over 750 families that call our Club their own. Whether you are a member now or are considering membership in the future, we welcome all of you on this amazing journey as we work toward an even better future for Field Club of Omaha.
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