In 1898, what is known today as The Field Club of Omaha country club was founded as the Omaha Cricket Association.  Also a 9-hole golf course was built. 
In 1900, its name was changed to the Omaha Amateur Athletic Association.  Later in this same year, the name was again changed, this time to the Omaha Field Club.  The golf course was expanded to 18-holes in 1902.  Its boundaries were Woolworth south to Center and 36th west to 45th.  In this same year bowling alleys were built in. They are now occupied by the ladies locker room.  Seven clay tennis courts were added and the cricket field was replaced with a baseball diamond including a grandstand.
In 1905 the Field Club was host to the first Nebraska State Golfing Championship.

The following year, the Sixth Trans-Mississippi Golf Tournament was held here.  Also, the Club relinquished land west of 42nd street in favor of land north of Woolworth to Pacific and west to the railroad tracks.

As the years passed, the Club continued to grow and develop and better settle in its role as one of the area's finest, producing even more happenings of interest such as:

The 45th National Amateur Golf Tournament was held at the Field Club in 1941, won by Bud Ward.

Field Club was the home course of Johnny Goodman, winner of the National Open Champion in June 1933.  In 1937, Johnny Goodman was the United States Amateur to win the United States Open.

Five years later, the Club lost Acres of its championship golf course to the Veterans Hospital and grounds.  On the remaining less than 60 acres, and 18-hole, par 67 course was developed.

Our name changed from Omaha Field Club to Field Club of Omaha effective November 1, 1953.

The Nebraska Men's State Golf Tournament was held here in 1960.  The winner was 8 strokes over par for 72 holes.

The Field Club has hosted the Nebraska State Women's Tournament and The Women's City Golf Championship.

November 1994, the Field Club made a commitment to the future of the Club when the Club opened the doors to a beautiful new clubhouse with full amenities and services.

In 1997, the Field Club hosted its first International Tournament, The Women's Trans National Senior International Four-Ball Championship.
One Hundred years of family oriented tradition and experience was celebrated in 1998 at the Field Club.
Field Club's rich heritage is the result of more than a century of dedicated members and personnel along with great neighborhood and community support.

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